Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero
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    Maestro Fernando Botero


    Born in Medellín, Colombia, in 1932, Master Fernando Botero is one of the world’s most recognized artists of our time. With his first paintings and drawings inspired by Gustave Doré’s engravings of the Divine Comedy and posters of the Bullfight, Botero held his first exhibition in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1951, and in 1952 he won second place in the “Salón Nacional de Artistas”, the national prize for the arts. With the prize money he earned, he travelled to Madrid and Florence, where he studied the use of volume and perspective in the work of the Masters of the Renaissance. With a style that is immediately recognized and celebrated throughout the world, Botero has made universal the local landscapes of Latin American life he experienced during his childhood.


    Renowned for his distinctive style, that stands out for its exploration of color and exaggerated volume, Fernando Botero has single-handedly redefined beauty by using sensual and voluptuous forms and a pioneering notion of aesthetics. So much so that his work has been recognized across cultural and geographical borders, far from his hometown in Colombia. Although his subject matters have always been local, the universal language of art has propelled him to worldwide success. With a career spanning almost 70 years and having exhibited all over the world, Fernando Botero is an iconic artist of our time, the one who has had the most museum exhibitions and the most books written about him. Master Fernando Botero is still active today.

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    Six Botero Superlatives 


    1. Frequently mentioned as the world’s most important living artist.

    2. The living artist with the greatest number of museum exhibitions. 

    3. The living artist with the widest international appeal as reflected in major museum exhibitions in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, China, Russia, Japan, Singapore, and Korea, among others.

    4. The living artist with the greatest public attendance to his exhibitions.

    5. The living artist with the greatest number of books written about his work. 

    6. The living artist with the greatest number of films and documentaries made about his work.         


  • Fernando Botero has attained a unique place in the history of art on account of his influences, his unique style, his mastery of technique, his intention of producing pleasure through his work and the direct relationship he establishes through his art with the viewer.
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